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Capizzi's Italian Kitchen

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

About Us:

Discover a new favorite by trying the top pizzas in Paris. Capizzi's Italian Kitchen is one of Paris's most popular. Give them a try, and you'll soon understand why. Many pizzerias in Paris offer more than just pizza, so try some other local top dishes. Pasta, salads, calzones, sandwiches, and more can all give you something different to enjoy. Don't forget to try Build Your Own Cheese Pizza for a truly local experience. You haven't really been to Paris until you've tried it! Add Soda to your pizza to make for a more substantial meal. Capizzi's Italian Kitchen has plenty of offerings to make sure you won't go away hungry. A Slice partner for one year, this restaurant is a mainstay of the community. Try them for yourself and see why they're such a local favorite. You can get your pizza to go with curbside pickup from Capizzi's Italian Kitchen. Grab something tasty on your way home.


2525 Clarksville St.

Paris, TX 75460


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